Auto Insurance offers many different types of coverage.  Bodily Injury Liability coverage does not protect your car directly.  If you cause an accident injuring other people, it protects you against their claims up to the state amounts for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other losses.  Property damage liability coverage pays for any damage to the property of others up to the stated amount provided by your policy.  Medical payments coverage pays the medical expenses of the policyholder and any passenger injured by in the insured’s automobile, regardless of who was responsible for the accident.  Uninsured motorist coverage applies to bodily injury to that you, your family member or a passenger of your vehicle incur when hit by an uninsured motorist or a hit and run driver.  Underinsured motorists coverage increases the bodily injury protection to you and the people in your car up to the amount of coverage that you purchase. 

Optional Auto Insurance:

Collision coverage pays for the physical damage to your vehicle cause by your vehicle colliding with an object, including another car or if it overturns.  Coverage would be available if your vehicle was involved in a hit and run situation.

Comprehensive coverage (also called other the collision coverage) pays for damage to your vehicle resulting from fire, vandalism, water, hail, glass breakage, wind, falling objects or hitting a bird or animal.

Emergency Road Service is an optional coverage that varies by insurance company.  Usually refers to coverage for towing, locksmith services etc.

Rental Reimbursement coverage is an optional coverage endorsement to provide reimbursement for the expenses incurred by an insured when a temporary replacement vehicle is needed following a covered accident to the insured’s vehicle. 

Recreational Vehicles

Not all auto insurance companies will offer policies that include recreational vehicles or off-road vehicles. There are specific companies that sell insurance for either, so shopping around for quotes may be necessary to find the ideal policy for you.

RVs are practically mobile homes; however, they are neither covered by typical auto insurance nor homeowner's insurance. There are specific companies that sell RV policies. Many auto insurance companies will also carry a RV policy line that can be merged into your existing policy for a discount. Fulltime RV coverage usually includes: Property damage, personal liability coverage, and limited medical payments for certain accidents.

The property damage coverage will generally include the RV itself, its parts, as well as any equipment that is permanently attached to the RV. Examples include fuel tanks, motors, horns, lights, or two way radios.

Comprehensive personal liability coverage is a must because the space within an RV is considered private property. Any injury that occurs to yourself or a guest inside an RV falls under personal liability. 


Motorcycle insurance is insurance coverage for motorcycle riders. Like auto insurance, motorcycle insurance includes bodily injury liabilityunderinsuredcollision and comprehensive coverage’s.

Bodily Injury Liability Insurance Bodily injury liability, as required in most states, is coverage that pays for the other party’s injuries when you are at fault for the accident.

Underinsured Coverage If you are involved in a motorcycle accident when the other driver is at fault, the other driver’s property damage liability coverage will pay for your motorcycle damage. 

Underinsured property damage coverage fills the gap between the actual amount of damages and what the other driver’s insurance covered. This type of coverage only applies if the other driver caused the accident AND if you purchased limits high enough to cover all of the remaining damage.

Collision coverage will pay for damages to your bike minus the deductible. Fault does not play a role for this coverage.

Comprehensive coverage will pay for theft, fire and vandalism. Like collision, this coverage is also subject to a deductible.

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