Home Owners Insurance

A home is likely the largest investment anyone will make in his/her lifetime and should be protected.  Homeowners insurance offers coverage for the structure of the home and will repair/rebuild it is damaged by fire, tornado, lightning or some other covered disaster.  It also cover other structures that are not attached to the home.  Furniture, clothes, children’s belongings, appliances and other household goods are covered by homeowners insurance.  The liability portion of the homeowners policy protects against lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage that the policyholders or family members caused to other people.  In the event that a homeowner should be forced out of their home by a natural disaster or fire, homeowners insurance will pay the additional costs associated with living away from the home while it is uninhabitable.  Endorsements can be added to the homeowners policy to have additional coverage, examples being back up of sewer and water, guns, jewelry and artwork.

We also offer inexpensive Renters Insurance to protect your belongings as a tenant.


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